100+ Years Experience

 Founded in 1921

Our firm has proudly represented Western Kentucky clients for over a century, and we continue to do so with a team of attorneys who combine their specialized skillsets in multiple areas of law. We provide our clients with a high-caliber, dynamic representation aimed at achieving successful results.


Our Priority: You

Our service to you is our priority, and our firm is committed to providing our clients with attorney accessibility, communication, and support every step of the way. We respond to phone calls, emails, and faxes within one business day.

Neely Brien Wilson & Toombs are the best group of attorneys in Western Kentucky.

– March 2020


High Profile Cases

The Attorneys at Neely Brien Wilson & Toombs do not shy away from the spotlight.  We have experience in high-profile criminal and civil cases and have built our reputation as tough, effective advocates by tackling these difficult cases.

We Understand Hardship

We offer a variety of fees for attorney services and understand that in tough times, affordable payment options and transparent rates are a must. As a dedication to our client-first ideal, we review our rates with you in detail – no surprises – and offer several affordable payment options.


Local Knowledge

Every jurisdiction and every courthouse has its own way of doing things, and NBWT attorneys have the combined experience of representing clients throughout Western Kentucky in their unique localities.

Why Hire NBWT?

When your future or freedoms are on the line, we will fight aggressively to obtain the results you need.