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Practice Areas

We specialize in multiple areas of law in order to provide clients with high-caliber, dynamic representation aimed at achieving successful results.


Real Estate

The real estate attorneys at Wilson & Toombs, PLLC have significant experience in both transactional and litigation matters arising out of or relating to real estate in both the residential and commercial arenas. Our team has represented developers, bank and non-bank lenders, governmental entities and political subdivisions, real estate investors, and others engaged in the real estate industry in a diverse range of real estate related matters throughout the years. 


Areas in which we are frequently engaged include the following:

  • Real Estate Acquisition and Disposition

  • Development

  • Real Estate Litigation

  • Development and Construction Lending

  • Title Insurance Matters

  • Commercial Leasing (Landlord and Tenant)

  • Land Use and Zoning

Real Estate

Family Law

Wilson & Toombs, PLLC, providea personalized representation of individuals in divorce cases as well as post-divorce litigation, seeking enforcement or modification of existing court orders. Additionally, our firm regularly counsels clients on issues ranging from paternity, child custody, child support, and adoption. We understand the sensitive nature of family issues and prides itself on helping clients navigate the Family Court system as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Wilson & Toombs, PLLC, frequently handles cases in which the parties have substantial assets or cases that involve complex business issues. In this capacity, we counsel clients regarding the valuation and division of those assets. Our firm also recognizes, however, that there is a need for low-cost divorces for couples with no children and few or no marital assets, or for those couples who have agreed on the division of the marital assets and debts. In these instances, we often provide representation in no-contest cases for a reasonable, flat fee.

Family Law

Business / Corporate Law

Wilson & Toombs, PLLC, provide comprehensive legal services to a broad range of clients. Our Business and Corporate Law practice includes:

  • General Corporate Representation

  • Shareholder Representation

  • Officer and Director Representation

  • Corporate Finance and Securities Compliance

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Asset Purchase Agreement


Our attorneys assist in the formation of corporate and other limited liability companies and can be involved from the early discussion that determines what entity is appropriate for a particular business venture, to preparing the documents necessary to create that legal structure. We also counsel clients and prepare agreements relating to shareholder relationships, executive employment, and employee stock incentive plans.

The services provided include advising on all aspects of business operations including,  issues relating to officer and director liability; observance of corporate formalities to maintain shareholder protection from liability; compliance with regulatory and other governmental authorities, product liability, warranty matters; tax structuring and planning; mergers, acquisitions, reorganizations, spin-offs, and other corporate acquisitions or divestitures.

Our Corporate practice assists clients in structuring and negotiating their business relationships and drafting written contracts evidencing the same. We routinely prepare agreements for supply and distributorships; independent contracting and employment; non-competition and confidentiality; and sales and service. We create documents for commercial financing such as lines of credit, term loans, and factoring arrangements.

Business / Corporate Law

Probate / Estate Planning

Wilson & Toombs, PLLC, often work with individuals to prepare estate plans to ensure that their loved ones are provided for and that their assets will be distributed in accordance with their wishes. We routinely incorporate trusts and guardian designations for minor children into clients' wills to ensure that assets are preserved and the children are in good care.


As part of estate planning services, clients are advised on the use of a variety of types of powers of attorney and health care directives or living wills. In addition, our firm is experienced in efficiently handling the probate administration and settlement of estates once a loved one has passed away.

Probate / Estate Planning

Personal Injury

Personal injury law deals with physical, mental or emotional injury caused by the negligence of another person. Many times people call us and say, “We were hesitant to call since we don’t know if we have a case.” Calling us is the first step in understanding whether you have a case and it does not cost you a dime. 

As a dedicated law firm, we are able to take the time necessary to thoroughly evaluate your accident and put the time and resources into building a strong personal injury case. This involves hiring accident reconstruction experts and medical professionals who can testify on how the accident occurred and the extent of the injuries. Additionally, we look beyond the medical records to show how the accident injury affected our clients’ lives. Our goal is to show the insurance companies that our clients are suffering with real injuries and need the money to rebuild their lives.

Pesonal Injury


Now more than ever, you and your company need to stay on top of accounts receivable to maintain cash flow and remain competitive.  We can help you focus on delinquent accounts and turn slow-paying or no-paying accounts into money.  We do not believe in letting delinquent accounts languish.  Success is best achieved when creditors move quickly to collect monies that are owed.  


In commercial debt scenarios, our standard practice is to make a quick demand for payment accompanied by a summons and draft civil complaint. If that demand is not met or satisfactory repayment terms are otherwise not reached within the specific time-frame, we file suit quickly.  The chances of successful collection do not generally increase with time, and therefore, our clients are best served when we are apprised quickly of delinquent debt.  Thereafter, our priority is to address the matter timely. Where lien rights exist, delay can be fatal to your claim.  Call us to see how we can help with the collection of your delinquent accounts.


Criminal Law

At Wilson & Toombs, PLLC, our local criminal defense attorneys recognize that a criminal conviction becomes a part of your everyday life going forward. It can affect your personal life, professional prospects, and even your ability to volunteer or obtain certifications and licenses in certain occupations.

Facing criminal charges in Western Kentucky can lead to severe stress and anxiety, as the unknown consequences loom with each court date. We understand. That’s why our skilled criminal defense attorneys work tirelessly to provide a positive and straightforward approach to countering the charges the Commonwealth is prepared to wage against you. Our knowledge and commitment to protecting the rights of our citizens come first, and you deserve to have attentive representation pursuing your best interests.

Traffic Law

Nearly everyone receives a traffic ticket at some time or another, but you don't have to accept the consequences without a fight. By working with an accomplished Kentucky traffic ticket attorney, you can challenge the ticket and challenge to have the ticket dropped. When you face penalties such as accruing points on your driving record, having to pay more for insurance, being sent to driving school or even losing your license, you need to move fast to take legal action.

We can assist with a wide range of traffic offenses, including: 
SpeedingTraffic Light ViolationsStop Sign ViolationsSuspended LicenseDriving with Revoked LicenseMove Over LawMinor Driving without LicenseDUILeaving the SceneOpen ContainerFailure to Yield Right of WayExpired/No Driver’s LicenseRegistration ViolationsTraffic Control DevicesImproper Lane ChangeCareless/Reckless DrivingNo Passing ZoneBench Warrants

Criminal Law
Other Services

Municipal Law

Social Security Disability

Business Planning

Civil Litigation


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